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Updated Dec.30 2017 (I sorta make it practice to update this once a year near New Year’s Eve)

Well, the sites described below are still “coming soon.” (Except for the tennis site, but up-to-date content will probably be coming there in 2018.) Their go-live dates are awaiting God’s timing, so I won’t be offering specific dates. I’ll just say, I’m pretty sure they’ll all be worth the wait.
(this link will be live just as soon as the site is ready)

My father, James B. Cudd, wrote prolifically — and usually very well. But he wasn’t good about filing his stuff, and most of it was never published. Consequentially, when he died in April 2014, he left the world thousands of disorganized pages filled with random notes, letters, articles, poems, essays, reviews, whatever. Much of it is brilliant. All of it is a mess.

The one thing Dad never wrote was a book. (Unless you count his  master’s degree thesis, an enlightening study of recidivism.) So, it now falls on me to compile all Dad’s best stuff into something publishable like that. The first step to that will likely be a posthumous blog from Dad, where I will post his best writing as I find it and let you have at it, dear reader. As the world becomes familiar with Dad’s bit of brilliance through that site, I’m confident his book will spring forth naturally. I spent all of the summer of 2016 moving Dad’s writing from dilapidated boxes to rusty file cabinets. I plan to spend the summer of 2017 actually organizing the stuff that’s in the file cabinets (and probably investing in new, non-rusty ones) and, from there, the blog can begin. Coming soon!

 West Brazos Journal
(this link will be live just as soon as the site is ready)

Though I’ve said this for at least three years now, I still plan to soon begin experimenting with the concept of Christian journalism by covering local news in the three-city area in which I live, West of the Brazos River in Brazoria County, Texas.
(this link will be live just as soon as the site is ready)

From 2006 – 2012, I ran an incredibly amateurish, but surprisingly popular internet radio station out of my spare bedroom. The station featured independent bands of all types from across the United States and the world. It was fun. I miss it. I had to stop because, well, it was taking just too much of my time and creating zero revenue. Ever since I turned the station off, I’ve been thinking of how to revive it — profitably this time. My plan is now in place. It’s just a matter of me finding the time to carry it out. God willing, Hoss is returning soon. (Hoss, by the way, was the name that I went by most when I was on the air in “real” radio at various stations across Texas from 1989 – 2005. I’m not ruling out Hoss’s return to “real” radio eventually, too. But, if that happens, it will be under MUCH different conditions than the former Hoss saw. I found the radio business to be, overall, corrupt, delinquent and incompetent and will not be party to that sort of thing again. The New and Improved Hoss — whether he return on “real” radio, internet radio or a combination of the two — will be a nothing if not glorifying to our God.

Gulf Coast Tennis Association

I may be one  of the more enthusiastic tennis enthusiasts you’ll know. When I  moved to Brazoria County, Texas in 2013, I was just looking for some new tennis buddies in my new local, and I ended up as the leader of a group that founded the Gulf Coast Tennis Association. Getting this going on a shoestring and a prayer — in an area that has seen a lot of fly-by-nighters make empty promises to do similar stuff in the last few years — has been tough. So we’re just taking it all in God’s timing. Sure we’re not as organized as we’d like, and sure we hear regularly from skeptics and doubters who aren’t interested in getting involved with our efforts, and sure we hold a lot of events that have just three or four (or fewer) attendees. But we’re getting a little better every month. And, in 2018, we’re looking to do even more tournaments, youth camps, beginner lessons for adults and kids alike, leagues, ladders and all the rest. Oh yeah, and we’re going to have to start doing something about maintaining all these public courts that cities and school districts tend to forget they have around these parts.  In the meantime, I play in as many leagues and tournaments as I can, and I’m the coach of the fledgling team at Brazosport Christian School.

I have a lot to say about tennis in our area (and tennis in general), and I know a lot of other people who do to. So, although the GCTA’s main website (as of this writing) does not have much up-to-date info on it, it’s all coming soon. And, in the meantime, if you’re a tennis person in our local area, please join our Facebook group and start getting involved with us now.